Tool, die and mould making

        Silumin casting molds 

      Silumines - casting alloys on the basis of aluminum with silicon. Applied in many industries. For high-quality parts from silumines, hot molding is used. The castings do not require additional machining and are ready for further application.

      Mold form for the casting of silumines has high requirements for qualitative (accuracy of sizes, roughness of shaping surfaces) and operational characteristics (life expectancy of mold, heat resistance, etc.). Significant advantage of this alloy is its low density, melting point and shrinkage, which makes it possible to produce details of a complex form with a wide range of applications.

       Our company uses special tool steel, which allows these press molds to withstand constant and sharp temperature changes and withstand the casting pressure of aluminum, which is several times greater than the foundry pressure of plastics. We make forms for pouring silumines of any complexity and considering all requests of the customer.

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