AGIE-ELOX Mondo 50

Electro-erosive duplicating machine


Year of manufacture: 1999

Control lathe: CNC FUTURA IV

Dimensions of the inner bath, mm: 1010 х 725 х 370

Maximum dimensions of the workpiece, mm: 760 х 650 х 305

Traverse X x Y x Z, mm: 350 x 300 x 250

Maximum weight of the workpiece, kg: 450

Maximum weight of the electrode, kg: 70

Positioning accuracy in axes X / Y / Z, mm: 0.02 / 100

Motion discreteness, mm: 0.001

Integrated dielectric unit

Volume of the bath, l: 530

Maximum current, A: 60

Dimensions of the machine, mm: 1540 x 2440 x 2270

Machine weight, kg: 1965

         Electro-erosion embossing machine is used for electroscope processing with profile electrode-tool for all kinds of metals: steel, cast iron, aluminum, alloys, etc.



Milling machine 5-axis


Spindle rotation: 20-30000 rpm

Motion discreteness: 0,001 mm

Traverse X, Y, Z: 500x420h380 mm

Maximum workload of the desktop: without the axis of rotation - 500 kg,

with a turning axle - 200 kg

         The tool making machine is designed for milling, drilling, boring, turning and threading. An unconditional advantage is the ability to process complex geometry details in 5 coordinates. Due to the fact that the processing is carried out in one installation and does not require detaching the part, the quality, speed and overall efficiency of work are significantly increased.

         Materials to be treated may include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as non-metallic billets of plastic and composite materials. This greatly expands the range of applications and capabilities of this equipment. A great advantage is the ability to use a tool store with 60 different positions, which speeds up and optimizes the work process.


Kamioka VMC-1000

Milling machine 3-axis


Traverse X x Y x Z, mm:: 1000x550x530

Work desktop dimensions: 1000x500 mm

Dimensions of T-grooves: 18x5x100 mm

Maximum load on the table: 700 kg

Rotational speed (max): 10000 rpm

Distance from spindle to center of table: 90-640 mm

Number of tools: 24 pcs

Max Diameter of tool: Ø80 mm

Max Instrument length: 300 mm

Max Instrument weight: 7 kg

Positioning accuracy: ± 0,005 mm


The Kamioka VMC-1000 is a multi-purpose vertical CNC machining center for hard-surface milling and it is adapted to solve a wide range of tasks.


Features of the milling machine Kamioka VMC-1000:

- the main working elements of the machine are made of high-quality alloy steel and alloys, providing strength and vibration resistance;

- special design of the table with wide guides increases the stability of the workpiece, suppresses vibration, which contributes to the accuracy of machining;

- linear guides X, Y, Z provide high velocity of movement with reduced friction coefficient;        

- laser calibration of machines ensures high position accuracy and fine adjustment of servo drives;

- the automatic system provides lubricant supply to all friction mechanisms.


Vertical milling machine



Technical characteristics of the VM-3 milling machine:

1. Move along the X-axis: 1016mm

2. Moving along the Y axis:  660mm

3. Moving along the Z axis:  635mm

4. Dimensions of the table: 1372 × 635mm

5. The distance from the end of the spindle to the table:  737mm

6. Maximum load on the table:  1814kg

7. Maximum spindle speed: 12000 rpm

8. Drive system: direct drive

9. The maximum rated torque: 11.1 Nm

10. Accuracy of re-positioning on axes X, Y, Z: ± 0,005mm

11. Width of T-shaped grooves: 16mm

12. Spindle cone size: 40

13. Maximum speed of spindle, rpm: 12000

14. Maximum spindle power, kW: 22,4

15. Maximum torque, kN: 122

16. Maximum axial force, kN: 18,2

17. Maximum speed of single feeds, m / min: 18

18. Maximum speed of working feeds, m / min: 12.7

19. Number of items in the store for automatic tool change, pcs: 24 + 1

20. Maximum weight of the tool, kg: 5.4

21. Time of automatic tool replacement (in the middle), sec: 2.8

22. Volume of the tank ZOR: l.208

23. HAAS System:  Fanuc 16M

24. Approximate weight of the machine, kg: 6940


Technical characteristics of the CNC system:

1. Microprocessor: 3 high-speed 32-bit

2. Program execution speed: 1000 units per second

3. Interpolation: G01, G02, G03, screw

4. Minimum input increment: 0,001mm

5. Minimum input discreteness: 0.00018mm

6. Correction of fast moving: 5%, 25%, 50%, 100%

7. Manual correction of the feed rate: from 0% to 999% with an increase of 1%

8. Correction of length: 200 installations, geometry and wear

9. Correction of diameter / radius: 200 installations, geometry and wear

10. Measurement of length: automatic length record

11. Wear control: 200 units with alarms

12. Programming: G code of the ISO standard

13. Positioning: absolute (G90), relative (G91)

14. Working coordinates: 105 installations

15. System: metric / inch

16. Data input: RS-232 communication port, USB output

17. Memory: 40 GB


      Machine VM-3 is a vertical milling center designed for processing complex configuration components such as disks, slabs, levers, body parts and others that require a large number of tools. All kinds of steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and nonmetals can be processed as materials.

      VM HAAS machines are high-performance vertical milling centers that provide high precision, rigidity and temperature stability, which are necessary for the manufacture of molds, dies and other precision tools. Each machine is able to handle large-size products and is equipped with a table with wide fixing possibilities and a spindle with a speed of rotation from 7,500-30000 rpm. The standard equipment includes high-speed Haas control with full preview processing, a 24-storey shop with a manipulator, a programmable nozzle for feeding ZOR, a screw to remove shavings and an automatic pneumatic pistol.

      It is possible using this machine to perform milling of planes, grooves, external shaped contours and grooves, perform drilling, sewing, threading, turning and preliminary boring of openings. The processing is carried out in 3 coordinates of the program recorded on the hard drive, providing storage of programs in the memory of the machine control system and data transmission to the network or computer through the Ethernet interface. Provides a device for inputting information through a USB port.

      The machine provides from the program of moving the table, sledge and milling head, switching the spindle speed, turning on and off the spindle, selecting and replacing the tool in the spindle, etc. This machine is equipped with a system of automatic measurement of tools and binding of parts Renishaw, which significantly reduces the time of adjustment of the machine for processing.