High professional level, responsibility and experience of design engineers and technologists guarantee the execution of orders of any level of complexity in a timely manner. Fast and efficient solutions in the production process are the key to success.

The company’s production facilities are provided with modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. This guarantees not only high productivity and cost reduction of the final product, but also provides the opportunity to use high-precision technologies and innovations at each stage of production: development, programming and direct operations on machines.

The main activities of LLC “UNION”:

  • production of molds, dies, technological devices, molds, molds;
  • provision of services in the field of milling on 3 and 5 axial machines;
  • implementation of turning, grinding and EDM works;
  • provision of services for laser cutting of sheet metal.

In addition, we perform a variety of work with metal using bending machines, a machine for reducing pipes with a set of tools and an automated line of powder coating.