• Molds for casting thermoplastics
  • Molds for casting reactors
  • Molds for pressing rubber, etc.

We make molds weighing up to 3500 kg and measuring 1000×1000×1000 mm


What we offer

To increase the production life of molds, it is possible to apply additional coating (chrome plating) of working parts, as well as nitriding.

At the request of the customer, production and assembly of molds on the basis of accessories of standards according to DIN and ISO of the leading world manufacturers is possible. Materials from the Austrian manufacturer BOHLER are used to make mold-forming parts.

The customer needs a technical task, which should include a drawing, 3d model, or sample parts, material, mold resource, parts manufacturing program, surface requirements, brand or characteristics of TPA, etc.

Specialists of the design department are always ready to help in drawing up a full-fledged technical task.


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